“Mimi is everything a book publisher wants—and needs—in a cover designer: a careful listener, a rare and sophisticated aesthetic, a punctual and hard worker and, above all, an absolute pleasure to work with. She also has a preturnatural ability to marry a book's voice and subject with the cover art. In a nutshell, Mimi Bark has made Tatra Press look very, very good indeed. We get endless, effusive praise over her covers. Any publisher would be fortunate to work with her.”

—CHRIS SULAVIK, Publisher, Tatra Press

“Mimi came to us while we were in a really tight spot and bailed us out. She's the best kind of designer—one who understands how busy you are and helps to make sure you're getting the most out of her time. She is also great at working on multiple projects in parallel without missing a step.”

—MARTIN PORTER, Marketing Manager, The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mimi Bark for several years now as part of our team of freelance book cover designers. Mimi’s work is always creative, no matter what type of book content she takes on. She has never missed a deadline, which has helped our work flow enormously. I recommend her highly!"

—JULIE METZ, Art Director, She Writes Press and Spark Press

"Working with Mimi Bark has been a pleasure—she is skillful, experienced, and transforms your concept into a brilliant design. Mimi has designed some of our most striking covers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you’re looking for professionalism and polish."

–JASON PINTER, Publisher, Polis Books

"Mimi delivers excellent work, and she is always responsive. She makes the whole cover design process quick and easy."

–BRIAN SKULNIK, Managing Editor, Rosetta Books

"It's been a treat for us at Haymarket Books to work with Mimi. Her design for Bevery Gologorsky's novel Every Body Has a Story struck us as visually captivating and a wonderful match to book's mood and narrative. But more importantly, readers love it. We've even heard of someone on the subway who stopped to admire the cover while a fellow passenger was reading it! Amazing."

–RACHEL COHEN, Haymarket Books